Catch up 01; InBetween A Fable: Background Development

So, in an attempt to once again catch up to everything, here goes a whole bunch of posts of what has been happening! Starting with:

InBetween A Fable: Background Development

This 2d animated short is directed by Jake Jones and everybody should go and check his blog for updates, amazing animation shots and other artwork! 

Using Ralph Steadman as the main influence on style, I worked with Jake to create backgrounds that were consistent with the style and the atmosphere the piece needed to give. The main elements of the backgrounds were ink lines, monotone colour theme (occasionally with a hint of a second colour at times) and splatter textures, especially for the sky.


I first worked on creating the backgrounds for two scenes, that would have the colour scheme of red/white and green/purple-blue. I had done a previous selection of experiments of an alley scene that Jake checked over and  I then used his feedback in lining, colouring and texturing the backgrounds below.

However, from the test animation stills, it was quickly seen that the backgrounds design would need to be changed, as the realistic textures did not fit the style at all. In order to keep consistency between the animation and backgrounds, the line art would need to be less neat, with more ink consistency and the textures would have to be more abstract. 

In the second term, Paddy Meharg was assigned to help out with the backgrounds, and proved to be an immense help. When I saw some of Paddy's line work on his blog I immediately asked if he could line and I colour and texture.  Paddy came through with some beautiful castle drawings that I found extremely fun to work on. I tried my best not to overpower the lines when giving the backgrounds a Ralph Steadman influence feel to the final images as I didn't want to take away from the effect of it. Here are couple of the ink drawings below; (final coloured versions will be in the next post)
Below are tests of two of the backgrounds accompanied by brilliant animation by Rory Hinks and Jake;

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